Woman embracing change!

How a 1% tweak  changed my menopause experience for the better!

I used to be very impatient. I wanted things done yesterday. Unless I was stressed and working to burn out, I didn’t think I would get the changes I wanted – I  wanted results and quickly. As  full-time teacher, I was used to working at full speed with my mind in a spin. If I […]

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Breaking Free: The Journey to Recovery from People-Pleasing

I discovered something  startling this year: the Flight/Fight or Freeze (a biological stress response) has  additional layer: Fawn. It is often called ‘people pleasing’ and many of my clients seek to break free from this once and for all What Is Fight, Flight, or Freeze? Do you recognise this trait? Read on to discover more […]

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Seeking a Silent Night?  Discover how hypnotherapy reduces insomnia & sleep disorders.

Do you find yourself tossing and turning at night, caught in the relentless grip of insomnia? If the pursuit of a restful night’s sleep feels like an far off dream, you may want to consider how hypnotherapy can help you reclaim your quality of sleep In this blog, I discuss seven ways hypnotherapy can help […]

Caring so much for others that you have lost part of yourself?

Caring and being a carer  is a difficult subject for many of my clients – over the last ten years as a therapist I have come to learn so much more about this situation and the complex array of emotions that are shared in therapy sessions. In this blog I describe some of those issues […]

Has your job taken over your life? Four tell-tale signs it might be time for a change!

In this longer blog, I discuss the four tell-tale signs that my clients often reveal right before they decide to  make a change to their job and their lives! I also share with you the deep coaching questions that EVERYONE should ask themselves before they make a change. Grab a cuppa and a note pad! […]

Menopause – can hypnotherapy help?

Menopause: nothing prepared me for the  fact that one day my hormones would fall off a virtual cliff edge and take me with them. As it turned out, menopause really can cause mayhem for some women, I was one of them. Menopausal weight gain I describe my menopause experience like the ‘Frog in the Water’ […]