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One to One Sessions

One to one sessions are for you if you want to quickly reduce stress, anxiety &, trauma. I also offer hypnotherapy and coaching for people who want to make changes in their relationships/career/business. Hypnotherapy is a natural way to make powerful lasting changes you need.
I offer a free phone consultation prior to booking. Free parking

Julie Phillips Therapeutic Coaching, meet Julie Phillips, Stokesley

Classes & Workshops.

Classes, courses and therapeutic workshops focus on well-being, helping people to reduce stress, anxiety and improve emotional resilience. Hypnotherapy is used in classes and workshops.

Help for Menopause

Are you struggling with the changes from peri menopause or menopause? Perhaps you are hoping to just ignore symptoms like , broken sleep, brain fog, mood changes, headaches, bloating or itchy skin? Maybe you are feeling like you have lost your identity and just don’t know where to start to feel better. I can help.

One to One Sessions

First Session


90+ Minutes

3 Session Package


90 Minutes per session

Follow up Session


90 Minutes

Other Sessions

Online Sessions


60 Minutes

Full Time Students


60 Minutes

Therapy for Teens™


45-60 Minutes

My name is Julie Phillips and I use hypnotherapy to help people reduce stress, anxiety, trauma & panic symptoms. I see clients face to face in my therapy room in Stokesley North Yorkshire. I know from first hand experience how stress can lead to 'burn out' because in 2013 I resigned from my full time teaching & Head of Department job. I found a better way to feel better quickly and now I can help you to do the same.

Our Blog

Woman embracing change!

anxiety burn-out coaching health-wellbeing hypnotherapy menopause self-care stress stress-release

How a 1% tweak  changed my menopause experience for the better!

I used to be very impatient. I wanted things done yesterday. Unless I was stressed and working to burn out, I didn’t think I would get the changes I wanted – I  wanted results and quickly. As  full-time teacher, I was used to working at full speed with my mind in a spin. If I […]

A woman in a car enjoying freedom

anxiety health-wellbeing hypnotherapy people-pleasing stress stress-release

Breaking Free: The Journey to Recovery from People-Pleasing

I discovered something  startling this year: the Flight/Fight or Freeze (a biological stress response) has  additional layer: Fawn. It is often called ‘people pleasing’ and many of my clients seek to break free from this once and for all What Is Fight, Flight, or Freeze? Do you recognise this trait? Read on to discover more […]

A lady in bed asleep wearing pink pajamas

calm hypnotherapy insomnia sleep stress-release

Seeking a Silent Night?  Discover how hypnotherapy reduces insomnia & sleep disorders.

Do you find yourself tossing and turning at night, caught in the relentless grip of insomnia? If the pursuit of a restful night’s sleep feels like an far off dream, you may want to consider how hypnotherapy can help you reclaim your quality of sleep In this blog, I discuss seven ways hypnotherapy can help […]

Ask us a Question

What is hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a gentle form of therapy that uses the power of suggestion to help reduce anxiety…

Are there different types of hypnotherapy?

I use different therapeutic strategies depending on my client’s needs – sometimes the ‘direct approach’…

What will happen in a hypnotherapy session?

You will fill in a questionnaire before a first session. I will use this to scaffold your first meeting…

Does hypnotherapy work?

Hypnosis has the capacity to work for most people but some are more susceptible…