I know it's not always easy to make that first phone call or send that email asking for help. I make it super easy: just message me on Facebook, call me or email me directly (there's a contact form on this website). Then we can have a chat. You can decide from there if you'd like to book a session.

Help for Menopause

Are you struggling with the changes from peri menopause or menopause? Perhaps you are hoping to just ignore symptoms like , broken sleep, brain fog, mood changes, headaches, bloating or itchy skin? Maybe you are feeling like you have lost your identity and just don’t know where to start to feel better. I can help.

Julie Phillips Therapeutic Coaching, meet Julie Phillips, Stokesley

Classes & Workshops.

Classes, courses and therapeutic workshops focus on well-being, helping people to reduce stress, anxiety and improve emotional resilience. Hypnotherapy is used in classes and workshops.

Julie phillips

One to One Sessions

One to one sessions are for you if you want to quickly reduce stress, anxiety &, trauma. I also offer hypnotherapy and coaching for people who want to make changes in their relationships/career/business. Hypnotherapy is a natural way to make powerful lasting changes you need.
I offer a free phone consultation prior to booking. Free parking