One to One Sessions

Think of your personal one to one Hypnotherapy & Coaching sessions as team work: hypnotherapy is a powerful ways to get the changes you want.

Therapy 4 Teens, Sessions available

Hypnotherapy is a natural way to unlock your powerful unconscious mind. When we are relaxed our brains  absorb new information easily . During your one to one hypnotherapy session, we can explore the issues that are important you and discover the best solutions.  Remember, this is your time, an investment in yourself, time to really focus on what you need to change.

Whether you want to let go of stress, trauma and anxiety or poor self-esteem, deal with depression, fears, phobias, or insomnia, hypnotherapy can help. If you’re feeling stuck in a rut , lost, or need to improve self-confidence in your everyday life, hypnotherapy can help.

Anyone can benefit from hypnotherapy.

First time sessions

The first hypnotherapy & coaching session is a longer session as there is a questionnaire that I like to go through, plus we are getting to know each other and you may have questions. It may be the first time you have done any hypnotherapy so this is a good time to explain how it will work for you.

Three sessions Packages

A three session hypnotherapy & coaching package  is a good option for people who wish to work through an issues which may feel complicated to them or have multiple ‘layers’, Typically a three session package may cover old feelings from  childhood trauma, confidence issues and knowing you just want to move on in your life but feel stuck. Long term anxiety is another area that responds well to three sessions, because we have time to work through the different aspects of the anxiety and decide which changes will work best.

Follow up Sessions  

Follow up sessions are an option if you feel one session was not quite enough for you. You can book a follow up session at anytime after the initial session.

Curious? Let’s chat.

I do like to chat with my clients on the phone before a booking – this is helpful to make sure you are clear about how the hypnotherapy & coaching session will work for you. Request a call

 How do I book?  

Booking your one to one hypnotherapy session is easy. After the call we will agree a day and time for your session.

Once we agree a day and a time, I will send you everything you need on an email including payment details, my clients pay before the session with a bank transfer. Simple.